Timy offers two unique Time and Attendance Recorder systems

Time Attendance is our Business
The Timy-System is the easiest to use MS-Excel based Time Attendance System for Time Management

Timy-Tel : Wireless Time and Attendance

The totally new Timy-Tel Time and Attendance clocking-in system offering communications by WiFi network and GPRS mobile data.

Choose your preferred network - your internal WiFi network or an external GPRS Mobile network.

Data cables are not required - saving expensive installation costs compared to all other Time and Attendance Systems.

The clocking data file is sent by e-mail to your Time & Attendance system administrator at a scheduled time every day, week or month. This file is used to automatically update all Employee Timesheets at the press of a software key.

Timy-USB : Battery Powered Time and Attendance

Running on four AA batteries which provide power for over 20,000 clocking event time stamps. That's the same as 40 staff clocking-on for a whole year. The Timy-USB battery powered Time Recorder is ideal for locations with intermittent mains power, such as construction sites or those that need to relocate clocking-in stations as a project developes.

Timy-USB is totally cable-free and, like Timy-Tel, data cables are not required. The supplied USB Memory Key transfers clocking data to the Timy-Soft Application - automatically updating all Employee Timesheets with the latest clocking-in time stamp data.

Timy-Soft Application

The highly regarded Timy-Soft Time and Attendance application has been upgraded to manage data from both devices: Timy-Tel and Timy-USB. Both time attendance systems can operate with the same software, at the same time and on the same work site - or even different work sites at any geographic location. The Time and Attendance results are available daily, weekly, monthly - or any other period of choice.

Timy-Soft operates on Windows 7 with MS-Excel versions 2007 to 2016, or Windows 8 and Windows 10 with MS-Excel versions 2013 and 2016. Timy-Soft is not compatible with Apple operating systems or OpenOffice due to their macro limitations.

Easy system expansion

Want to add more staff to the Timy Time and Attendance System? Just purchase more user ID-Badges and register new staff in the Timy-Soft application. System expansion does not require an upgrade to the Timy-Soft application, nor any changes to the Timy-Tel or Timy-USB recorders - unlike many Time and Attendance suppliers who charge software upgrade fees.

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