TIMY Time and Attendance System

Time Attendance is Our Business
TIMY-System is the easiest to use Excel based Time Attendance System for Clocking-in and Clocking-out

A truly effective solution for Time and Attendance Management. TIMY-Systems allow very fast and easy to use Time Sheet management. Join the more than 9,000 users in the UK, Ireland and continental Europe.

TIMY-Soft Time Attendance Control Panel
Time and Attendance System time sheets

Simple, Fast and Effective Software

With the T-Data Time Attendance System, collect information efficiently without the hassle of paper time sheets. The TIMY Clock-in System collects employee working hours with individual ID cards that are swiped through the clock-in machine at the start and end of every shift. The fast storage and tracking system records the time & attendance data, allowing fast information compilation for payroll and staff management in as little as one hour. Track employee attendance based on working hours and punctuality with our secure Clock-in Time and Attendance Systems. Excel programming knowledge is not required.

Save on Staff Resources

This cost-effective Time and Attendance System works for any industry. The innovative clock-in Time Attendance System requires minimal man hours because it logs and tracks time using Excel. It does not require replacement time cards, printer ribbons and ink, or remembering to order supplies. The time clock information downloads onto the supplied USB memory key when required and quickly transfers it to the PC running TIMY-Soft.

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