Timy-USB Battery Operated Time Clock Recorder : Specifications

Time Clock Recorder : Grey polystyrene

Dimensions mm: 240 (h) x 108 (w) x 38 (d)
Dimensions inches: 9.5 (h) x 4.25 (w) x 1.5 (d) Weight: 500 gms / 1.10 lbs

Power : 4x Standard "AA" Alkaline Batteries

Battery life for approximately 20,000 time stamps, equivalent to 1 year with 80 time stamps a day. Batteries are supplied with system purchase.

Optional AC/DC Power : Battery Saver

AC Mains/9v DC adaptor, 0.3 Watts output. Extends battery life to more than 2 years.

Display : 7-segment Liquid Crystal

Displays time in 24-hour format (hh:mm) and system messages, such as "Good" when swiping badges. Large characters provides exceptional readability on the Time Clock Recorder display.

Time Clock Recorder Signal : Audible Tone

Confirms ID-Badge reading and announces system messages, such as "Copy" when recorded data is transferred to the USB-Key.

Badge Reader : Infrared Barcode '3 of 9'

Robust, highly secure no-contact infrared badge reader. Maintenance-free technology with no moving parts.

Swipe Badges : Credit card style

Unique serialised barcoded badge for each staff member, extremely secure, very robust polyester material, ISO/IEC 7810 credit card size.

Internal Memory : Electronic & non-volatile

Flash memory stores over 14,000 time stamp events and securely protects data if power fails.

System Clock : Display of Time & Date

Time Clock accuracy of 15 seconds per month, with automatic Seasonal time changes. Time and Date are quickly adjusted with the 'Set Time' Configuration Badge, if required.

Data Transfer : USB Memory Key download

Time Recorder unit downloads data to a USB-Key after authentication. USB-Key uploads data to the Timy-Soft Application.

Software Data File: The Timy-USB Time Clock Recorder data file is an encrypted ASCII file to prevent unauthorised data modifications. Non-encrypted ASCII output is available upon request. The data file is read by the Timy-Soft Application on all Windows computers running MS-Excel. View Timy-Soft & Excel compatibility.

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