T-Data Time Sheet Recorder

TIMY Attendance Timesheet Recorder System

A Ready to Run Timesheet System

- No Cables
- No Installation Cost
- No Consumables

Battery Powered Time Recorder

Four AA batteries (included) provide power for over 20,000 clocking
events, or time stamps. That's equivalent to 40 staff clocking-on
for a whole year. The battery powered Time Recorder is also ideal
for work sites with intermittent mains power.

Infrared Optical Badge Reader

The infra-red optical badge reader ensures Superior Reliability with
contact-less credit card sized ID-Badges, eliminating Maintenance.

Excel Based Application can Store Unlimited Data

The TIMY-Soft System runs under MS-Excel and handles up to 10 clock-in and
clock-out events every day, for every badge user. Attendance Timesheet results are available daily, weekly, monthly - or any other period of choice. It's also easy to manage staff absences such as vacation, public holidays, sick-leave, etc.

Time Recorder Memory Stores Up To 14,000 Time Stamps

Manage large numbers of staff clock-on transactions. The Time Recorder unit stores up to 14,000 time stamps, the equivalent of 100 people clocking twice a day for over 3 months. The Time Recorder unit has the largest data memory for any battery operated clock-in machine, and the Excel based TIMY-Soft Application can hold unlimited data for Employee Timesheet Management.

No Consumables

No time cards, No printer, No ink ribbons. Only AA batteries are required annually and Employee
ID-Badges can even be re-used if a staff member leaves - the cost of ownership is extremely low.

No Installation Costs

The Attendance Timesheet System unit is quickly wall mounted in a few minutes - battery operation is standard and an AC Mains power adapter is also available. The TIMY-Soft Excel Application installs in less than a minute and is then ready to accept Employee details.

No Operating Costs

There are no moving parts in the Timesheet System unit and no operating costs, other than occasional batteries. We will not try to sell you a service contract !

Easy System Expansion for Extra Staff

Want to add more staff to the TIMY Timesheet system ? Simply purchase Employee ID-Badges and register new staff in the TIMY-Soft application. Software upgrades aren't required, unlike many other Timesheet System suppliers who ask for additional software fees when least expected.

Cable-Free Clock-in

TIMY-System is totally cable-free, data cables are not required, saving significant installation costs compared to all other Timesheet Systems. The supplied USB Memory Key is used to transfer clocking data to a Windows computer running Excel, automatically updating all Timesheets with the latest clocking-in data.

Productivity Gains

Completely eliminate errors and ambiguities of pen & paper Timesheets by using the TIMY Timesheet Recorder. Payroll Management in one hour or less is possible with the TIMY-Soft Timesheet System.

TIMY Time Recorder System

This is a complete Ready to Run Timesheet System - fully functional with minimal implementation effort. The Timesheet System includes: Time Recorder unit with batteries, 25 ID-Badges, USB Memory Key with TIMY-Soft Application and User Manuals. We also provide 12 months software application support, Free of Charge. Most other suppliers "12 months support" policy for their Timesheet System is not equal to ours.

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