Timy-Forms module : Customised calculations for Timy Timesheets

Add even more calculations to Excel Timesheets with the TY-Forms module

Timy-Soft Excel Timesheet Systems
Time and Attendance Systems

Add a selection of 49 calculations to the
Timy-System Timesheets, such as :

3-Shift Rotation: Add 3x 8-hourly shift rotation columns
   to all Timesheets, or selected Timesheets
Shift Autorecognition: Recognises 5 distinct shifts in all
   Timesheets, or selected Timesheets
Night Hours: Calculates hours between time stamps in
   Timesheets, for example: 22:00 to 06:00
Flexitime calculations: debit or credit flexible working
   hours balance carried to the next payroll period
Round Up/Down: Time stamps rounding by hour,
   or any other value, plus ‘grace time’ for late arrival
Break Deductions: Allows up to three fixed rest breaks
   without badges having to be swiped
Time in hh:mm: Converts decimal times to ‘hours
   and minutes’, displayed in a new column
Overtime: Calculates overtime hours based on a number
   of weekly ‘contract’ hours
Cost centre: Measures time allocation for projects, tasks,
   manufacturing orders, etc.
Rest Breaks: Allows up to 10 rest breaks, or smoke
   breaks, per day in addition to the standard time stamps.
   Also allows deduction of all breaks from total hours

These are a few time keeping sheet examples - many other calculations can be added to Timy-Soft Timesheets.
TY-Forms Software Module price is here.

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